Connected TV (CTV) advertising has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. As more viewers adopt streaming platforms and digital channels to consume content, advertisers have realized the potential to reach highly targeted and engaged audiences.

However, historically, measuring the real impact of TV campaigns has been a constant challenge for marketers, as they could not know with certainty what users did after watching an ad. Today this is possible thanks to TrackTV, the innovative attribution tool developed by KIVI, which shows us one of the great advantages of the Connected TV era. Being able to measure the impact of our TV campaigns in a precise and detailed way.


The TV Measurement Challenge

Traditional TV advertising has always been able to estimate impressions using indicators such as TRPs (Target Rating Points), but it has never been able to track viewers' actions after watching an ad. 

CTV advertising poses a more sophisticated and accurate solution. Marketers need to understand which specific channels and ads generate conversions and sales, as well as the performance at each stage of the sales funnel. This is why TrackTV developed the technology to be able to measure user actions across multiple platforms after viewing an ad.


Track TV: Features that Make the Difference

  1. Multiplatform Attribution: Track TV integrates data from multiple advertising platforms to measure the actual impact of CTV ads on marketing actions. This includes key metrics such as website visits, app downloads or purchases, enabling a holistic view of the impact of campaigns.

  1. Advanced Targeting: The tool allows advertisers to segment specific audiences according to demographic, geographic or behavioral criteria. In this way, the effectiveness of ads in each segment can be measured and strategies adjusted accordingly.

  2. Custom Reports: Track TV generates detailed and customizable reports that show the performance of CTV ads. These reports include crucial metrics such as conversion rates, ROAS and cost per acquisition (CPA), providing a clear view of campaign success.

  3. Sales Funnel Measurement: The tool allows you to track and measure the impact of CTV ads at every stage of the sales funnel, from awareness to conversion. This provides a complete understanding of how ads influence consumer decision making.

  4. Channel Attribution Analysis: With Track TV, advertisers can determine which CTV advertising channels are generating the most conversions and sales. This information is essential for more efficient budget allocation and more effective advertising strategies.

  5. Custom Attribution Models: Marketers have the flexibility to integrate conversions from their Connected TV campaigns into their own attribution models. This provides a more accurate view of the impact of CTV advertising on the overall marketing mix.

By measuring the impact of connected TV campaigns with metrics closer to conversion, advertisers get a more detailed view of performance and results. Track TV makes it possible to quantify the performance of TV campaigns in terms of conversions, providing a more accurate and actionable view.

With a clear understanding of the impact of TV campaigns, marketers can optimize strategies to maximize ROI.

Track TV: The Solution you were waiting for

In an ever-evolving advertising landscape, KIVI's Track TV is a significant breakthrough for marketers who want a complete and accurate view of the performance of their Connected TV campaigns. Offering cross-platform attribution, advanced targeting, customized reporting and sales funnel measurement, Track TV becomes a must-have tool for CTV advertising success.

With Track TV, KIVI once again demonstrates its leadership in the field of connected advertising and its commitment to providing advertisers with the most advanced tools to achieve their marketing goals. It is no wonder that this innovative solution has been hailed as the first tool to measure attribution and conversions in Latin America for Connected TV.

So, if you are looking to improve your CTV advertising strategy and make decisions based on accurate data contact us.

Post by Kivi
August 31, 2023